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Quarantine: Day 2

Ok. I woke up super positive today.

That ended by breakfast.

No, I didn’t want it to end by breakfast, but let’s be real here.

This global “pandemic” as it is being called has done so many different things on so many different levels. And for all of you are questioning my rationale right now I am going to give you a few things to think about. For some, I realize thinking might not be your strong point. I don’t want you to hurt yourself here with the mental strain if it is too much for you. All I ask is that, if you are a mental midget, sheeple, or otherwise crowd following moron you stop reading now and save me the trouble of exposing you for the waste of DNA you are!

So what the hell could happen in 12 hours time to warrant this massive switch in my outlook on the universe you might ask? That is a phenomenal question and happy to oblige.

So for starters, people are fucking retards and need to succumb to natural selection. I went for a drive up the Sprain today. Why? Several reasons. First, my car needed an inspection and it failed the last time because it had not been driven in so long all the sensors were out of whack. So I thought I would solve that problem. Second, I am losing my mind at home and driving a car alone on a parkway is the textbook definition of social distancing. Finally, I need a reason not to read the news or social media posts and get agitated.

On my drive, I discovered that the golf course must be considered an “essential” industry, as there were dozens of golfers out there congregating in close quarters despite the government ban that shut down mom & pop establishments as well as most self-employed folks, at least in the state of New York. Many of you may be thinking that I am crazy by now, but you fail to realize the government is crazy. Baseball and soccer, both outdoor non-contact sports (for the most part) have been suspended. But these geriatric, endowed fucks get to play golf while I cannot show a vacant home for fear of a fine?

Get the fuck outta here.

This message of how the elite and entitled are given free range to live their lives as they see fit while the rest of the plebes (yeah, that means me and probably 100% of you reading this) have to live by the government mandated orders. We the people must always bear the cross our self-serving government thrusts on our shoulders.

Then, we get the Senate voting on Cornoavirus relief. Media fuckery at its best. Republicans blame Democrats. Democrats blame Republicans. Both parties continue to fight for your vote while actually doing nothing to help you in this time of crisis.

I refuse to finger point, but as an enlightened individual, I would be remiss not to ask why this bill is not split into separate bills. Why should the individual tax paying citizen have their life saving check stalled because big brother wants to include payouts to bug industry like airlines?

People, bills are a dime a dozen. I can draft a dozen by daybreak to inundate Congress. So why the fuck can they not introduce bills that split the benefit? Let these decrepit millionaires fight over which industry to save after the fact, after saving we the people who are suffering because of their: stupidity, ignorance, hubris, and all other self-serving emotions.

They don’t split them for a reason. It is easier to let us fight amongst ourselves over who has the better vantage point “as a whole” as opposed to doing their actual jobs. We the people can then argue incessantly over who we side with and all the assholes still wiping their ass, buying groceries and living social lives can continue about their business as usual.

That is my point. Your government may not hate you, but they sure as hell don’t know the fuck you are or give two shit about you unless you somehow feed the machine.

Happy Day 2 to all of you with a brain. Blessed be your life in captivity to all you lemmings.

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